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History and roadmap

Cocoon Bioscience was founded in 2022 with the aim of addressing bottlenecks related to protein production challenges faced in the fields of life science, pharmaceuticals, and the food industry. Our foundation is built upon a technology platform that has been developed and refined over a span of two decades.

  • The idea


    Algenex starts to work on a unique and novel platform for protein expression: CrisBio®

  • Launch


    Successful PoC of the technology and the pilot scale facility is inaugurated in 2020 to rear 1 million insect pupae annually

  • Consolidation


    Full patent protection obtained for CrisBio® and animal health vaccine is approved by the European Medicines Agency

  • Spin-off


    In Q4, Cocoon is created as a spin-off from Algenex with the goal of expanding its solutions for the cultivated meat and life sciences sectors

  • Scaling


    Cocoon successfully raised €15 Mn Series A funding, opening an R&D lab in Madrid, and a pilot facility in Bilbao

  • Business Expansion


    Opening of our industrial facility in Bilbao with a capacity of up to 20 kgs annually

Our production facility

Located strategically in the Bizkaia biotechnology park, in the Basque biotechnology cluster, our industrial facility is specifically designed for its purpose. Spanning an area of 4000m2, with 2300m2 exclusively designated for production, the facility currently has the capacity to generate an annual output of 5kg of recombinant protein, with the potential to increase capacity beyond 20kg.

Our factory is committed to adhering to the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines, to ensure we maintain the highest level of manufacturing excellence and meet the expectations and requirements of our customers and regulatory authorities.

Leadership team

Scientific team