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Our nature-based platform can express proteins that no other can. You can quickly overcome production challenges and develop novel proteins, putting you strides ahead of the competition.

When conducting research, your team may often encounter difficulties developing a specific protein for your process or projects. The development of a protein can be complex, expensive, and often unsuccessful, as some of these highly complex proteins fail to express in traditional systems. This can often lead to delays and increased costs in your overall project.

At Cocoon, we have a dedicated team of scientists working closely with our clients to design proof of concept for potential products. Our partnership model focuses on the design of a proof of concept based on a close relationship between our clients R&D and our team of scientists.

Cocoon Bioscience custom protein
development workflow

Phase 1
Proof of concept

Our proof-of-concept projects offer you the possibility to test your research efforts in a fast and economical manner. Make strategic decisions regarding the viability of a project in four steps:

1. Request

After your enquiry, we will compile and study the protein and the sequence information you’re interested in.

2. Gene synthesis and virus production

Our team will tailor the virus production to your requested sequence.

3. Protein expression

The chrysalises are inoculated with baculovirus and the given sequence in order to express the required protein.

4. Downstream optimization

Collaborating with you, we will determine the best purification strategy and provide data including a preliminary yield, purity and concentration. Within 3 months, we will share a proof-of-concept sample output with you for testing.

Complete timeline: 3 months

Phase 2
Development and scaling up

Following the proof of concept, it takes between 4-6 months to scale up for future industrialization.

We can scale from laboratory scale (1L) to pilot scale (10L) and industrial scale (50L-400L).

Phase 3
Production for commercialization

The product is ready for commercial production and will be manufactured in our brand new plant according to GMP guidelines.

Enquire about custom development

To get started, make a request through the form for the recombinant protein of interest and our team will reach out to you shortly.

COCOON BIOSCIENCE will process the personal data provided by you to meet your information or assistance request. Also, if you authorise us to do so, we will use your personal data to send you commercial communications related to our products and services. You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, deletion, portability, limitation or opposition. Additional information on data protection here


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