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The CrisBio™ platform

At the core of Cocoon is our CrisBio® platform – a novel expression system for proteins that was perfected through nearly two decades of research and development.

CrisBio® is an automated platform that transforms insects in their chrysalis stage into natural bioreactors producing recombinant proteins and enzymes.

The platform can deliver anywhere from a few milligrams to multiple kilograms of recombinant protein with little incremental investment, high flexibility and immediate linear scalability. CrisBio® is a robust process that has proven effective with a wide range of complex proteins, growth factors and enzymes that traditional expression systems based on microbial fermentation have struggled to manufacture.

Our process

Our platform utilizes pupae from the Trichoplusia ni as living yet immobile chrysalis bioreactors that can be harnessed in a fully automated system.

In only five stages you can take recombinant protein production to the next level.

  • 1.

    Pupae production

    Our insect rearing workflow is specifically designed to be suitable for its intended purpose, ensuring the production and maintenance of the entire life cycle of the insects within our facilities.

  • 2.

    Master and working virus generation

    Baculovirus (BEVS), a virus harmless to humans and animals, is designed with the desired gene in its DNA in order to trigger production of the target protein within the insect.

  • 3.

    Upstream process

    Chrysalises are inoculated with the designated virus through an automated process, resulting in the replication of the virus within the insect.

  • 4.

    Downstream Process

    Industry standard processes are employed to extract and purify the protein of interest from the cocoon and insect mass.

  • 5.

    Fill & Finish

    Strict quality control is implemented in this process to ensure sterility, accurate measurement, correct sealing, and appropriate labelling.

Why do we use cocoons
as natural bioreactors?

There are many reasons why our platform can provide significant benefits when it comes to the production of these complex proteins.


Our proteins and enzymes are expressed within the multi-cellular environment of the insect, which naturally handles complex folding and post-translational modifications. The results are enzymes and proteins that typically meet or exceed the activity of commercially available gold standards.


Our platform offers intrinsic cost advantages by using cocoons as natural bioreactors, streamlining the process, reducing infrastructure and material requirements, and optimizing production capabilities. This all contributes to significant cost savings compared to traditional expression systems.


By offering linear, rapid, and adaptable scalability from milligrams to kilograms, our platform empowers partners to effectively handle varying volume supply needs and ensure seamless operations. The system can scale from 1 milligram to 20 kilograms.

High biosafety

By excluding mammalian components, our technology ensures high biosafety, eliminating the possibility of cross-contamination.

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