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Affordable, custom, and effective enzyme expression

Our CrisBio® platform is ideal for producing your custom enzymes as often, traditional expression systems are not able to perform and produce the required enzymes.

Since our inception, Cocoon has had a dedicated team for the production of proprietary enzymes. We are building a strong portfolio of customized enzymes and, as such, we have produced a range which includes ligases, nucleases, polymerases, primases, methyltransferases and more.

Our R&D facility is ISO 9001 certified while our production facility is designed to manufacture enzymes according to GMP guidelines

Our proof-of-concept program is very affordable starting at just €10,000 per enzyme and allows you and your team to test specific enzymes needed for your project in a short period of time. We have easily handled a number of canonically difficult as well as ‘impossible’ enzymes in our proof-of-concept program.

Pyrophosphatase is a representative example of the category of enzymes we work on. It’s commonly used in mRNA production to cleave off phosphate groups. It’s a difficult protein to produce from bio-fermentation and it usually comes with a high price point attached. Our CrisBio® platform is incredibly productive for the expression of pyrophosphatase as well as for similar or even more complex enzymes.


Even for difficult to express proteins.

Our CrisBio® platform can handle protein expression that other traditional systems fail to produce. Our proteins show high productivity and activity for even the most complex specialty enzymes.

Highly competitive pricing

Bringing affordability to your research efforts.

Solve your supply-chain bottleneck with access to high-quality enzymes for your research at affordable prices – even for proprietary enzymes needed in small volumes.

Easy and linear scalability

To always meet your production needs.

We have you covered from milligrams to kilograms under GMP conditions. Our system allows for linear and easy scalability – just two weeks’ notice is enough to adapt to your production needs.

Applications and innovations

While we can produce a wide range of enzymes, much of our work with our partners is focused on enzymes that modify nucleic acid in some form, such as polymerases, nucleases, and ligases. These classes of enzymes play a critical role in life sciences and healthcare, such as in the expression of mRNA and gene sequencing.

We support the research community by offering a customized service for mRNA expression and gene sequencing specialty enzymes.

Cocoon Bioscience enzyme development workflow

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