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Recombinant PDGF Porcine

For research use only

Platelet-derived Growth Factor, known as PDGF, is a member of the platelet-derived growth factor family.

It’s a potent mitogen for a wide range of cell types including fibroblasts, smooth muscle and connective tissue, and it plays a key role in embryonic development, cell proliferation, cell migration, and angiogenesis. Porcine PDGF consists primarily of PDGF homodimers and it has approximately 70-80% homology with the B-chain of human PDGF. Human and porcine PDGF bind to the same receptors and produce the same spectrum of biological effects.

  • Source

    Our recombinant porcine PDGF growth factor is produced in non-GMO insects, specifically in Trichoplusia ni (cabbage moth) with the Baculovirus Expression Vector System (BEVS).

  • Sequence

    Porcine PDGF-BB recombinant protein is a dimeric peptide of 108 amino acid residues.


  • Formulation

    Phosphate 20mM; NaCl 500mM; Tween20 0.05%; pH 7.4

  • Purity

    > 80% measured by SDS page, and resolved under reduced (R) and non-reduced (NR) conditions. Higher purity available upon request.

  • Biological Activity

    ED50 < 5 ng/ml determined by the PDGF-BB dose dependent cellular proliferation of INHDF-NucLightRed cells via fluorescence assay determination. Determine the optimal concentration for each specific application using an initial dose response assay.

  • Molecular Weight

    25.6 kDa

  • Format​

    Liquid Frozen, contact us for lyophilized product.

Available in

  • 1mg
  • 10mg
  • 100mg

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